The Living Truth
June 28, 2013, 10:31 am
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There is only one truth. It is being where you are; and where you are, is where your body is.

This is too simple for the brain to comprehend in its now chronically complicated condition. The brain has become so divided in itself and burdened with problems that the truth – the living truth, or living the truth – no longer has any real meaning for it. When the brain does attempt to find the truth it gets stuck in its own contrived religious or scientific dogmas and becomes even more divided, confused and confusing.

No matter how much you are preoccupied at any time with thinking, wishing, dreaming or worrying, you will always wake up or return to consciousness in the living reality of your body. In fact, it can be said that in all the psychological activity you’ve ever engaged in, you didn’t go anywhere or do anything. You only thought you did. It all happens in the brain, not in reality. (Again you’ll notice the brain’s inability to grasp what I’ve just said; and its urge to argue or dismiss the statement.)

The only way to get around the ignorance of the brain is for you to live the truth. Living it means doing it, not thinking about it. You have to make the brain simple again, return it to its natural simplicity. You have to strip it of its acquired and treasured ignorance. You have to restore it to the innocence of being one with your body here and now. In this state of innocence, of rediscovered union, all is made wondrously simple, like yourself, your life and the whole apparent, complicated world of problems around you.

~Barry Long
From his book, The Way In

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