One year later…
June 4, 2013, 9:01 pm
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A year ago today, we said goodbye to our beloved Lucy. And although she is still here with us in spirit–and we feel her presence with us always–we do miss seeing her beautiful body every day, with its amazing variety of earth tones that seemed lit from within. We miss her penetrating and unflinching gaze, her willingness to walk with us–anytime, anywhere–and her instantaneous and consistent response to an invitation to play, even when she was barely able to rise off the ground in her later years.

More than all that, though, we miss the solidity of her form here with us… the utter blessing of laying on the floor next to her, burying our face or our fingers in her fur, inhaling her smell, rubbing her amazingly strong body, hearing her steady heart beating inside that deep and powerful chest. We miss the soft, moisture of her black nose and her tender tongue, the whiteness of her massive wolf teeth and the freshness of her breath, the rough texture of her foot pads and the perfection of those massive feet. We miss her scrabbling toenails on the dresser as she ran after rabbits in her sleep, the little yelps she made when she caught one, and the occasional primal howl that arose from her throat in the middle of the night.

Dear Lucy, we still feel deep gratitude to have been blessed with your temporary presence in our lives. Our dreams are still filled with you, even as we move on in life, living it to the fullest–Now–just as you would do.

~Steve & Grace

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