Look. I am here. Look.
February 19, 2013, 8:13 pm
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The young seeker sits on a stool in front of her beloved Master,
her head bowed, her heart heavy.

The Master says, “Look. I am here. Look.”

She looks up and cries, “Oh Master, I desperately want to awaken!
Please answer my questions and help me to achieve enlightenment!”

The Master says, “Look. I am here. Look.”

The girl gazes at her Master, her eyes filled with tears, unseeing.
And then she asks… and her Master answers:

Why is there suffering?

Belief. Cease and desist participating.

Who suffers?

Thought. Witness thought, without judgment.

What is there to be done?

Nothing. Do that, even as activity arises.

Where is there to go?

Nowhere. Stay here.

How is it possible?

By not moving.

Be still. Even as all else appears to move, remain still.

When will I know?

Now. Only, always, now.

Look. I am here. Look.

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