I bid thee farewell, my friend…
January 10, 2013, 8:58 pm
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Jan Gerard

Jan Gerard
November 14, 1952 – January 10, 2012

The currents of air that gently lifted your long, blonde hair
and bent the grass seeds that you sat nestled in, whispered: “I love you, Jan.”

The aura of love that emanated from and surrounded your body
now emanates from and surrounds the bodies of all those you knew and loved.

The people, the horses, the sheep and rabbits—all of life, just, this Love, you are.
We each bow in recognition, bending gently to whisper in your ear: “I love you, Jan.”

The seeing you did with those strikingly pale blue eyes is done with the eyes of all—
who through their tears of grief, see as you did—so much Love.

The longing that drove you to deeply connect with others penetrated our hearts
and drove us to want to connect with and love you. For how could we not?

The blessing of your life on earth will never cease, even as your form leaves us.
We will forever be connected to you—beloved daughter, wife, mother, sibling, friend—
for your heart truly touched ours.

Your passing was, finally, peaceful after so much pain.
May your life now, beyond our limited perceptions, be all you ever dreamed of.
We love you, Jan. For how could we not?

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