The Ground of Being
December 6, 2012, 8:12 am
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It is neither black nor white nor any color.
It is has no form or shape, like a chair or a step or a floor
and yet you sit in it, stand upon it, lay fully embraced by it.

All movement takes place within it and yet it does not move.
It is closer to you than your own breath, but does not breathe.
Neither up nor down, it surrounds you and is also within you.

It is the spaciousness of infinite space which cannot be comprehended.
Like a fish in the ocean cannot know water, you do not know this,
The Ground of Being,
until you do.

And then, the unknowing and the knowing
is revealed as an amazing fantastic play
in which you… are… every thing.

The soil, the rocks, the mountains and trees,
All of the birds and mammals and fishes in the sea.

The clouds, the sky, the stars and planets,
Every sound that’s heard and the silence between that isn’t.

There is nothing that is not you, simply playing on this,
The Ground of Being.

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