That Very Breath That Breathes Me
November 27, 2012, 8:55 am
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“OM, In Silence
OM, as One
I the dance when two is born from one
When the body is dropped
And the breath no longer inhales
There is a sense that I still exist
In completed silence
Perceiving space
No form, Identity or face
No emotion, no state
The dance of breath is felt
Eyes open
It seems I am back
Although this completed silence I had never left
Never meeting another to forget, miss or remember
I could not be alone as I had never been together
This autumn breath that needs not to be breathed
Is the force behind every moment
Of this dance expressed as me
Me the dance, Me in duality
Me recalling this to be
Me that ceases to exist without thee
The very I that in return sees me
Born from myself I am brought to my knees
For the form does not drop
But internally I remaining a servant of thee
That very breath that breathes me”

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