First… next… last
September 19, 2012, 7:51 am
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Consciousness takes form, you.
You are given a name, and the start of an identity.
Clothes cover your form.
People begin to talk about you,
The story of you grows.

Consciousness awakens.
Recognition dawns that the you that thinks it is…
…is just a story.
A shedding process appears to begin.
The story of you is revealed
in layers of conditioning and identification
with disguises and masks that were thought to be real.

Awareness aware.
The One manifesting as many, without a story.
Nothing is happening. There is no first, no next, no last.
There is no you, no conditioning, no disguise, no mask,
even as a multitude of stories appear to unfold,
including an apparent you who still makes an occasional apparent appearance.

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