Just… nothing
September 17, 2012, 8:07 am
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I lay beside you in the dark, my hand upon your arm.
I feel warmth and wonder, from where does it come?
In the dim light of the moon, I see your form, but I cannot make out any details,
you have no distinct face, no eyes, lashes, whiskers. Do they exist?
I hear breathing and notice there is only one breath, synchronized.
Where does your breathing end and mine begin?
I close my eyes and you vanish. There is now just… nothing.
Only the feeling of warmth, skin on skin, the sound of breathing.
I know you are still here, just as I am.
How do I know this?
And what is it that knows?
Love wells up and overflows my cup.


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Thats beautiful Grace. You should publish:) Stacey

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