Every word is an invitation
September 12, 2012, 9:58 pm
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Any feelings that arise in me belong not to another — how can the feelings that arise in my body belong to or even be instigated by another? No, all feelings that arise within must be claimed as mine, arising in response (or reaction) to something that lies within this body/mind organism. Hidden, perhaps, but mine, not yours (or someone else’s), nor revealed to me by you (or another).

Whenever I see resistance arising within, that is now where I look: within. Always there is a knot. And it tightens with every thought (seen or unseen, examined or not) that says, “This should not be.” In this way, every word I read or hear invites me to look within. The mind can be amazingly slippery and persistence is required to see it — and catch it — in the subtle act of suggesting that what is, is wrong.



don’t “not” the knot…allow it to remain in awareness and untie on its own

Comment by David Alsobrook


Comment by equiwolf

Hi Grace!
Thank you for your kind direction over the past month on ETTV forum.
I see you have been busy here. This shows a lot of seeking!
i have added it to my favorites so when I need a little equiwolf, i can visit.
Stacey from ETTV forum

Comment by stacey

You’re welcome, Stacey. Yes indeed, I spent *years* seeking for something that is right here–closer than anything I could ever ‘find’ … “outside”!

Comment by equiwolf

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