Be yourself… even more so
September 12, 2012, 8:53 am
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“You are divine at centre, human in appearance — at a certain range. Seeing Who you really are doesn’t mean you are no longer aware of your appearance, no longer self-conscious — that’s impossible as well as undesirable. So you still respond to your name, still recognize yourself in the mirror, still take responsibility for your actions. Of course. But you are now aware that your humanity is like a disguise, an incarnation you have taken on to be here in this world. Inwardly you are God, outwardly you are a person — a unique person with a special contribution to make. Instead of thinking you are just that person, that appearance, you are awake to the Power behind you, the Safety within you, the Source of inspiration and guidance at the heart of your human life. This enables you to be yourself even more so.”

~Douglas Harding
The Headless Way

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