At the core of it all
September 11, 2012, 12:46 pm
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We spend an enormous amount of time, energy (and money) ‘remembering’ things, including the tragedy of 9/11. This is fine. But in doing so, in remembering the past–which exists only as a memory in our minds, and promising to never forget in the future–which exists only as a projection in our minds–we completely lose sight of *this* moment and the profound peace that is here, now, and is available to us always.

This is not the peace we pray for to arrive on this planet some day in the future–this is the peace that is–truly–right here, right now. This peace has never been absent, even as we witness horrific events or experience crisis in our own life.

That we do not see this is not because it is missing, it is merely that we turn our attention, our awareness, away from it and focus on that which arises within this peace… on that which is the content of our lives, not the foundation on which *all* exists. Within this peace, on this foundation, *everything* is allowed, even tragedy.

We are all being called by this siren song, this soft lullaby to wake up. Not one of us doesn’t hear the whisper that compels us to return to–realize, recognize, rediscover–the ‘peace that passeth understanding’ that Jesus described and knew firsthand. But few respond to the call by turning their attention away from all the noise of ‘this should not be’ and ‘if only’ to deep gratitude for what IS. When we focus instead on *this* … even as we do not understand and cannot comprehend the sweetest or the most tragic wake-up call… we find ourselves oft repeating this two word prayer: “Thank You.”

And so, through tears and great sobbing gasps as the memories of 911 are played out upon the many media outlets and on my facebook page and brought to my attention, I turn my attention back to peace, and offer my prayer of thanks for yet another reminder that ‘this too shall pass’ and to acknowledge that what remains is, as always, peace, at the core of it all.

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