The appearance of choice
September 9, 2012, 4:57 pm
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Choice implies that there is this or that to choose from, but is there choice, really? When Consciousness is hypnotized by the dream of separation, choice appears to be made by a sense of self — “I” — choosing this or that. This same “I” feels it is in control of the choice being made, and feels either powerful (when it thinks it made the ‘right’ choice) or helpless (when it thinks it made or keeps making the ‘wrong’ choice).

I see now that when caught up in this dream there is no harm in ‘choosing’ to allow Divine Will to supersede ‘my’ will. The sense that these choices — for example, to have faith and hope — could help to bring about a change in what is, or even an awakening, is quite soothing or reassuring to that which feels threatened by what is. But when Consciousness awakens, there is a clear recognition that life simply unfolds, that there has only (ever) been the appearance of choice, and that choice appears to have led ‘me’… to here.

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