Set ablaze…
April 30, 2012, 7:39 am
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Existence with resistance is a living Hell. Agony and Ecstacy, two sides of the same coin. The intensity of acceptance in every moment is fire (to the egoic mind-made self).  Set ablaze, the ‘little me’ cannot survive this funeral pyre, and will scream and wail and moan and gnash its teeth… until its dissolution is totally complete. What rises from the ashes is a humbleness beyond comprehension. Indescribable joy. Compassion without end. A love that knows no bounds. And an ego so ethereal and light that it moves at the beck and call of Self with nary a thought, nor a moment’s hesitation.

God grant that I may be so consumed! That I may recognize… only, always:  Heaven… on Earth.




Inredible joy that comes from presence is so wonderful. It is wonderful realization that presence is all we ever have no worries about past and future, just now. It is powerful to be the awarness that witnesses the thoughts. I just need to practise to keep the focus the presence at all times. 🙂 Thanx for you blog. Started following it a week ago and loving it.

Comment by mindfuldiary

You’re welcome, and thank YOU!

Comment by equiwolf

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