Throughout it all…
March 15, 2012, 6:50 pm
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You say you must practice, practice, practice
to learn to silence your mind.

And so you sit, and sit, and sit,
listening to a mind that refuses to be still.

For minutes, you sit.
For hours, you sit.
For days, you sit.
For weeks, you sit.
For months, you sit.
For years, you sit.

And then,
sitting becomes

And so, past all hope of ever silencing your mind,
you surrender to the utter futility
of sitting,
to silence your mind.

Throughout it all, something sat with you,
in silence.

You didn’t notice,
because your attention
was on sitting,
because your attention
was on learning, trying,
to silence your mind.

When you gave up,
something noticed
the surrender,
in silence.

In surrender,
something is finally noticed,
in silence.

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