Moving forms…
March 9, 2012, 11:47 am
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Moving forms...Standing in the shower I notice that the water is falling, moving in a steady splashing stream down across my body, hitting the shower floor, pooling around my feet, sliding down the drain. I see my arms move, feel my head drop under the shower head as I lather and rinse my hair, my skin. The sweet fragrance of the soap lingers in my nostrils, and then slowly dissipates, the molecules moving along the currents of air until the smell is no longer strong. The soft hum of the heater just beyond the shower curtain is heard as sound waves travel along those same currents of air, and then bend the little hairs in my ear to cause nerve impulses to travel along my central nervous system and register in my brain as ‘sound’. Throughout all this witnessing, thoughts seem to arise and dissolve… transient, coming and going, moving, moving, moving… just as everything appears to be moving.

And yet, something still and silent and immovable notices all this movement, no matter what form that movement takes. This… formless something… doesn’t move.

“What is IT?” I ask myself. “IT doesn’t move… and yet can it be seen or heard or found… anywhere? Can IT be sensed?”

The answer, indescribable and incomprehensible to understanding … is … paradoxically… IT. And any attempt to describe IT … is not… IT.

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