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January 3, 2012, 9:48 pm
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I love the writing of Stephan Bodian (pictured below), author of Wake Up Now. He writes about awakening with such clarity! When I finished the book, I signed up for his newsletter. The following short piece is from his January 2012 issue. As I read it I felt myself smiling and could feel the words, “Yes! This Is It!” dancing through the open chambers of my heart. Aaaahhhh.

Stephan Bodian

“Just had a lovely session with a woman this morning who said she longed to awaken to the truth because she felt strongly motivated to put an end to her anxiety and depression. I invited her to rest here, in this moment, and welcome whatever arises. Right now, I said, without consulting your mind, does anything need to be different from the way it is? Is anything missing, even enlightenment? No, no…t at all, she said, after a pause. Now ask yourself, who is experiencing this moment right now? Anything you experience is just an object of experience–but who is the experiencer? She sat with this question in silence for a long time, then finally said, I don’t know. Then rest in this not knowing, I offered. What is it like? Again, after a long pause, she said, it’s limitless and silent; it has no edges. Then she started to cry, with tears of gratitude and wonder. I can’t believe it, she said. I can’t believe this is what I am–this vast mystery. Yes, I said, this is it. Just rest as you are, and let everything arise in you. This is the enlightenment you’ve been seeking.”

~Stephan Bodian

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