Consciously admit your desires…
August 18, 2011, 9:25 am
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Sunset“The true meaning of the word repent is to admit. Whenever a craving or a desire arises, simply admit to yourself what you are craving or desiring in as much graphic detail as necessary. As this occurs, you defuse the energy within such cravings and desires, purifying the energy field of life-long patterns of desperation. The actual meaning of repent your sins is admitting what choices or actions only lead to further desperation, to crave and desire what never frees you from endless desires and personal cravings. Simply by consciously admitting to yourself whatever arises, you are freed from the need to choose or act upon it. This allows you to use every want, need, or desire as a means of liberating yourself from all forms of desperation. In doing so, the kingdom of heaven reveals itself as the openness and purity of your own divine heart space.”

~Matt Kahn

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