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July 17, 2011, 8:54 am
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A teacher walks a student toward the exit of a temple. The teacher says, “You are now fully prepared for the journey ahead, and I send you off to return to the world that has much to teach you at this time.”

“But what if I have a question or a concern I am unable to answer, how will I contact you?” asks the student.

The teacher replies, “There are already three important teachers for you to meet that will reveal themselves in time. They will offer you everything you may ever possibly need. Have faith in these teachers and they will surely appear.”
The student trusts the wise words of the teacher and leaves the temple.
Two years later, the student returns to the temple—confused and dismayed by what has been revealed. The student asks, “Did I miss something? I had faith in knowing three important teachers would appear, and all I’ve experienced is failure, heartbreak, and disappointment.”

“So, you met the three teachers that were sent your way,” the teacher responds.
“How are those teachers?” the student asks.

The teacher explains, “Failure ensures you will no longer make an enemy out of the inevitability of loss. It helps you realize your only success is how willing you are to embrace each moment—no matter what transpires. Heartbreak is the means in which the heart breaks completely open, freeing you of the struggle between wanting more of this, or wishing for less of that. Lastly, disappointment liberates you from the endless sea of expectation. It shows you, time and time again—you cannot believe what is true, you may only see what is true about it all, and know the truth as yourself.”

The student is speechless.

The teacher walks the student back toward the exit of the temple. The teacher says, “Now that you know the three teachers I sent your way, it is now time go back and continue to learn from them.”

“But that means I’m going home and returning to my everyday life,” says the student. The teacher smiles, “It’s the best school you can find. Rest assured, I’d only send you to the one I attended.”

“That’s how you learned?” the student asks. The teacher responds, “Yes. Much failure, heartbreak, and disappointment—as luck would have it.”

~Matt Kahn
(as posted on his facebook page)



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