Why ask “Who am I?”
July 11, 2011, 9:50 am
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You can know who you are as the silent witness of all phenomenon,
even as your mind gallops along … claiming to be who you are.




Have you seen this video?

Who are you…. Really , with Gangaji

The text is from the audio book “The Diamond in Your Pocket”, which can be found at http://www.soundstrue.com

Comment by Cristiano

I have this book, and have read it, but had not seen that video, Cristiano. Thank you for the link! It is stunningly beautiful to watch, and the message Gangaji shares is priceless. I will share it on this blog as my next post.

Comment by equiwolf

Have you also listened to the audio book? It’s very good to listen to.

It seems that the images from the video on YouTube are from the BBC documentary Planet Earth, but I’m not sure. I ordered the documentary so that I can watch it while listening to Gangaji reading The Diamond in Your Pocket. I must say that I got addicted to the video from YouTube 🙂 .

Here is something else that might interest you and that you might want to include in your blog (if it isn’t already here; haven’t seen all of it yet 🙂 ): http://miksang.com/

Comment by Cristiano

Lovely! Thank you!

Comment by equiwolf

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