…we are actually One
March 26, 2011, 8:28 am
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You gaze into my eyes, your own so bright,
a smile across your face alights.
You whisper, “Shh, don’t make a sound!”
and pick up a shell that you have found.

You move beside me, standing near,
and place the shell upon my ear.
Within the swirled space that’s there
inside the shell, a sound… yes, just air.

My eyes grow wide in mock surprise,
you squeal a delightfully childish cry.
“Do you hear it?” you ask earnestly,
your face beaming beautifully.

I nod and answer, “I do my dear,
the ocean waves, inside — so clear!”
You leap and dance and clap your hands,
and fall laughing gleefully into the sand.

Tears well up before I know what’s hit me,
I blink, glance out to the vast calm sea,
and drop down to lie by your side,
My heart forever changed–burst opened wide.

The salt-spray smell of seaweed lingers
on your skin, your hair, your chubby fingers.
We embrace like lovers, you and me,
our love alive for all eternity.

In the stillness surrounding our two forms,
the truth revealed, as if just born.
We seem as two under this hot sun,
but we both know we are actually One.

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