The Moment of Choice
March 4, 2011, 5:28 pm
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This is from Ganagji’s CD “The Moment of Choice,” recorded at one of her retreats (or perhaps it was a satsang)

Comment from retreat participant:

I have questions from yesterday. Right now I really don’t feel a question now unless I started generating them.

Gangaji’s response:

This is a very good point. So there’s a neutral space there, where you know you have to go into the past to generate a question, or to generate a story or a problem, or a history. It’s a point of choice. This is the point of choice. It’s excellent to see that!

Generally, you know what you choose. Generally, we choose to go into the past, to create a history, a problem… cause it was such an important problem that if we just don’t generate it, well, what does that mean about the importance of it? And so, since there is some investment in the importance of it, we go back into the past, and this is called “rebirth.”

This is the choice of being reborn, with your problems, with your miseries, with your questions, day-by-day. Once you are aware of that choice, then you recognize exactly what is required. There’s actually some effort… there’s some attention on what was… there’s some further investment of time, energy and attention… and then we have a question, we have a past, we have a problem… we have searching for the answer, or the alleviation of the problem… or the end of the story.

But the search follows the rebirth. And the rebirth follows that moment of choice—and choosing to be reborn as sufferer—rather than choosing to simply be here, being nobody, being nothing.

[Long silence]

Yes, you see the moment gets very strong. And with the strength of the moment there can be some—”Oh, but, ahem, ‘I could really disappear here, and then the whole importance of my life will be of no importance’…”

But you have to understand that’s going to happen anyway. You really will disappear. And even though you may make great contributions, finally they’ll disappear, too. I mean, what, they’ll last 2500 years? 3000 years? 4000 years? Maybe a million years? … if you make the greatest contribution. But in the scope of time, a million years is not that big a deal.

So the question becomes: Are you willing, in this moment, to not be reborn? Just right now. Forget what you think about rebirth, reincarnation. Just right now, to not be reborn. To just be here, unformed.


You see the pull is strong. And yet there’s always that choice. If you choose to not be reborn—just right now—then you can definitely recognize what is unborn. What is still alive, without history, without question, without story, without suffering, without problem, without searching. What is still alive… and the vastness of it… and the peace of it.

And you can recognize that as yourself—having nothing to do with birth. And in that recognition, then even rebirth is no big deal. If you are willing to be true to that recognition, then be reborn 1000 times a day, what does it matter? It’s being reborn—the story, the history, the problems even—the questions are being reborn in who you are:  the vast intelligence conscious of itself As You.




The tag line that I have on one of my emails is: The only control we have in life is in the choices that we make.

This Gangaji quote is so very powerful in its simplicity and directness. The exercise alone brings one to the complete awareness that we are forever choosing to be governed by what my Zen teacher called ‘monkey mind’. Lovely reminder to me. Thanks.

Comment by jerome pindell

You’re welcome, Jerome… and thank you for your comment. ‘Monkey mind’ is such a good description, huh?

Comment by equiwolf

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