My butterfly days…
March 15, 2010, 8:16 am
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Some days I feel like a pot of soup, simmering on a stovetop. Emotions and thoughts rising and falling like so many bubbles. Sometimes the heat builds, as if someone has turned up the flame under the pot and I might just boil over. There is often a dependable circularity to the thoughts and feelings–each one building or playing off the others as I consciously or unconsciously allow my mind to take me over and do with me what it will.

Some days I feel like a limp rag hanging on a clothesline. Stuck, dismayed by my lot in life, uninspired, and too absorbed in my dismal state to look any farther than the clothespins that anchor me to the line. A stiff breeze may pull me right off the line and knock some sense into me. Or not.

Butterfly DaysSome days I feel like a newborn colt, just learning how to stand, suckle and run around. I relish the sensation of strength as it seeps into my legs and body with each passing minute. I feel filled to the brim with power and endurance; it feels that there are no limits to what I might be able to do.

Some days I feel like a graceful butterfly, silently flitting from flower to flower, drifting easily on the winds of change, drinking in the sweet nectar life has to offer. I call these my butterfly days.



Gale, the images in this are just lovely. It is to me one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever written.
Love, E

Comment by Ellen Mosier

Thank you, Ellen!

Comment by equiwolf

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