Fulfilling Your Destiny
March 3, 2010, 7:49 am
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So at the end of the day, where do you think I’m left after all those powerful, profound awakenings? Exactly where you’re left, HERE, NOW. That’s it. And sometimes it’s extraordinary and beautiful and eternal, and a lot of the time it’s ordinary. But you know, I choose the present moment however ordinary it is, rather than to be lost in a world of illusion, however amazing that dream might be or promise to be. That’s the choice, ultimately, we all have to come to: the present moment. IS-ness is waiting eternally for those of us who are ready to make that fundamental choice—for the Truth of life this moment. And to become fundamentally established HERE.

And then you know what happens? We fulfill our destiny and complete our journey, because our destiny and our true purpose in being here is to be so utterly present, as awakened consciousness, that we reflect consciousness to consciousness. IS-ness to IS-ness. ONEness revealing Its Self to Its Self. Because the eternal dilemma of God, or ONEness, is that ONEness, IS-ness, cannot know Its Self.  ONE cannot know Its Self.

So we are that aspect of God, that aspect of IS-ness, that aspect of ONEness, that embarked upon a journey into two-ness, into duality, into separation, so that eventually we would return. And in our return, in that vibration between ONEness and separation, in that subtlest of vibrations, ONEness gets to know Its Self. God gets to know God’s Self through us, in that subtle vibration of ONEness. Can anybody feel what I am saying? Because you can’t know it with the mind. And you can only know it in silence.

And what happened to us, was that because we were given free will, we were able to choose something other than the present moment and the Truth of life—and we did! And for the most part now we can’t find our way back. So what I’m sharing here is a very clear roadmap Home. Two steps:

  • Bring yourself present. Honor the present moment as the Truth of life.
  • And then embark upon that process of bringing consciousness to all the ways you’re pulled out of presence, or all the obstacles to being present:  The ego, who have you become, repressed emotions, losing yourself in others, judgment.

Not complicated. But it’s only when the Truth awakens within you, and then you embark upon that journey of presence and mastery that one day you can declare, “God, It is accomplished! At last, I have come Home. The river has returned to the ocean.  ONEness is redeemed. I AM at Home.”

Who is at Home? “I AM.”

Where are you? Where is Home? “HERE, where else? It’s always been HERE.”

Then where have you been? “I got lost.”

Where did you get lost? “In the mind!”

How did you get lost? “Through thinking.”

That’s not a problem. “Yes, but I believed in my thoughts. And then I became absorbed into that world of the mind, and the world of NOT HERE and it’s been very difficult to find my way back, because, in Truth, who I AM that got lost is pure consciousness. Perfect presence. Silence.”

How does silence find its way out of that noisy, chattering mind? That endless maze of thought, concept, opinion, belief? How does perfect silence and pure consciousness find its way out of that maze? Very simply:  Bring yourself present with something that’s HERE, in the moment. Then you’ll be HERE again. Who is HERE again? I AM.

That’s it.

~Leonard Jacobson

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