Is it enough to notice?
March 1, 2010, 11:33 am
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In the paradoxical process of learning how to live in the Now, to not be trapped in a world of thought, but to instead be fully “awake” in all we do, is it enough notice? To notice everything?

If we notice our thoughts, and allow them to just pass across our field of awareness like autumn leaves lightly skimming across a frozen pond, is it enough to return us to the present moment?

What if, as emotions arise, we notice them for what they are, and let them burn through us like a wild fire or wash over us like a cleansing rain? Is it enough to release us from their grip back into the present moment, where all is well?

Noticing people, places and things capturing our attention, can we catch the mind and imagination being swept up and carried away in the current of thought, and judgment? Is it enough to gently drop what has temporarily captured us, and drop all opinions back into the space of Now, where nothing is right or wrong, good or bad—it just is?

We are surrounded by sights and sounds, smells drift invisibly on the currents of air, the texture of the fabric of our clothes feels smooth or rough against our skin, there is a slight warmth or tingling vibration in our hands as we use them, though we may not realize it. By noticing all of this can we unveil what lies beyond the thoughts, emotions, things that capture our minds; beyond judgment and conditioning; beyond what our body senses; beyond all forms?

If we are vigilant in bringing our attention back into the present moment, can we each find out for ourselves if noticing is enough to awaken into the space of Now, where nothing exists? Where there is only the perfect stillness of pure awareness? Can we finally, fully, awaken ourselves to that which cannot be known, or understood, only experienced?

I am learning to notice. It is enough for me, for Now.

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