Cat and mouse…
February 25, 2010, 8:03 pm
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The key to being present–for me–has been to notice thoughts and feelings as they arise, without judgment. They arise, I notice them, they dissolve. The more I am able to notice them arising, without judgment, the less they seem to be arising and the more I am able to just be, here, now.

I experience a lot of stillness these days. Nothing magical, no flashing lights, no bells and whistles, no overwhelming feelings of love or bliss… just spacious stillness. It feels nice, peaceful.

Cat and MouseAs Eckhart Tolle describes, I often feel like a cat watching a mouse hole. When the mouse peeks its little nose out (a thought or feeling arises), I notice and the mouse quickly disappears again. Sometimes the mouse peeks out over and over again for long periods of time; it might even venture all the way out of the hole for a short time, as if the cat has fallen asleep–but when the cat wakes up and notices, the mouse vanishes! Sometimes the mouse seems to fall asleep itself, in its little house, and the cat just sits quietly and waits. Either way the cat remains intent on the mouse hole.

The biggest challenge is watching the mouse hole while engaged in activities. But this cat is learning to be more attentive to the mouse hole and all the other “things” going on within and without at the same time.

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