Who are you? Where would you be?
February 23, 2010, 1:53 pm
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Who are you without your story? Without a name, a birthdate, a defined gender and sexual preference, a position in a family structure, labeled personality traits, and the various roles with which you identify yourself? What are you left with without a history, without memories of a past, and plans or hopes for an imagined future? Who is left when all that is gone? Nothing?

Where would you be without your story? Without the memories of where you ‘have been’ and thoughts about where you ‘will be’ some day? Where would you be without a defined cultural identification, an address that says you live in a certain town or city in a particular country on a planet called “Earth”? Where would you be without all of that? Where would you reside? Nowhere?

The answer is that you are “nothing” and you do reside “nowhere”… but that does not negate who you are, it only negates who you think you are!

YOU are not a thought, and NOW is not an idea. It is the only place where life exists–as no thing, no where

You are life itself!

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