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February 18, 2010, 8:14 am
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Seven Ways to Radiating Living Enlightenment
by Paramahamsa Nithyananda

  1. Take Complete Responsibility
    There is only one person who is completely responsible for what is happening in your life – YOU! Because you live unconsciously, taking no responsibility for your words and actions. When the effect of your actions happen, you claim you don’t deserve them! Now, just decide that you will act out of your own intelligence, taking complete responsibility for what you do every moment. You will see: there will be no one to blame and you will start radiating Living Enlightenment!
  2. Stop Judging
    Decide today! You will never make a judgment about anything. The truth is, you can never make a judgment about any thing! Every thing is new every moment, including people. Only your judgment is old. When you live believing that the other person gets updated every minute, you too get updated every minute, and this when you start radiating Living Enlightenment!
  3. Accept the Inevitability of the Moment
    When you are worried about the future, it is fear. When you resist the present, it is greed. Both of these happen because of not being able to accept the ‘inevitability’ of life! Whatever happens, experience it as a happening in Existence. Know about the inevitability of the ‘moment’. I am not saying to feel helpless. No, but do your best and witness what is happening. That is what I call accepting the deep inevitability. This is radiating Living Enlightenment!
  4. Be with Leader Consciousness
    A true leader is a person who is ready to take responsibility consciously, who is ready to handle life consciously, who is not constantly dependent on your past memory to make decisions. If you are dependent on your past memories to make decisions, you will be a follower, not a leader. Start being in the present, don’t get caught in the past, feel the energy coming out of the present. You will automatically act with spontaneity, and that is leader consciousness. That is radiating Living Enlightenment!
  5. Harness the Energy of Intuition
    When your thoughts suddenly die down and you touch a zone of silence, you will experience the energy of intuition. Suddenly, you will be able to see into the past or future. This accidental moment can be extended through your whole life, if you decide to be in the present all the time. You will then start harnessing the energy of intuition in your life. Then all great things will happen, and you start radiating Living Enlightenment!
  6. Relax from the Identity You Carry in Your Mind
    When you relax from the identity that you project to the outer world, to show who you are to others, it is called the ‘first experience’ – Satori. When you relax from the second identity that you carry in your inner world, to prove who you are to yourself, it is what I call enlightenment! Relaxing from these two identities is real liberation and you start to radiate Living Enlighenment!
  7. Allow the Natural Flow of Energy through Your Body
    Enlightenment means simply allowing the natural flow of energy through your body, without creating conflicts. The moment you start choosing and prioritizing, you have already created conflicts. Enlightenment never happens to a person who chooses enlightenment. It happens to a person who chooses choicelessness. This is an important understanding to rediate Living Enlightenment!

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