…and ‘poof’ – suffering is gone!
December 30, 2009, 9:08 pm
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I tell my friends about it,
in fact I want to shout it.
But most of them give me funny looks,
that say they’ll never read the books,
or listen to the tapes I give,
that tell them about a new way to live.

A way that offers inner peace,
where suffering really does, finally, cease.
Their rejection makes it very clear
that my ego, desire and my own fear,
oh, yeah, and judgment too,
it all still seems to block my view.

I see how much I want
for them to be what they are not:
Ready to embrace the Now.
That beautiful space…well, at least I AM learning how
to notice it more and more each day,
performing my small part in this fantastic play.

OK, fine, I can be the space for this,
emotional turmoil I do not miss.
A state of stillness comes and goes,
and energy through my body flows.
But then, how can I not want to share this grace,
with others who would also love the place?

Where nothing is either wrong or right,
where Life is simply pure love and light.
Sometimes I still feel terribly sad
that my friends and others suffer and feel so bad.
Despair and loneliness may settle in for awhile,
until I realize those feelings are no longer my style.

Now I AM filled with silence and bliss.
Now I AM standing at a wondrous abyss.
Now I AM ready to jump off and dive.
Now I AM here, completely, yes, wholly alive.
Now I AM me, you, ONE – and yet also, oddly, alone.
Now I AM THAT, and ‘poof’ – suffering is gone.

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