Witnessing Eckhart Tolle, in person
December 18, 2009, 6:57 pm
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With an easy, light step, the small man walks past us and mounts the stage. Turning, he sets a yellow folder on the table, alongside two small brass cymbals, a small gold clock, a glass of water, and a vase of beautiful flowers. Then he sits down, shifting gently left and right until he finds a comfortable sweet spot in the chair. Gazing out at us, his pale face serene under the bright lights, he blinks a few times. As he makes eye contact with every person sitting in or near the front row—first on one  side, and then the other—a small smile creases his face. Occasionally he offers an almost imperceptible nod. Every cell in every body responds to the penetrating presence that flows from him—a light permeating the darkest reaches of our forms.

Looking directly into the camera, he sits in absolute stillness. No sound is heard. When he finally speaks, his voice is soft and gentle, like a caress. Though the words change, the message is always the same: “You are here to enable the Divine Purpose of the Universe to unfold—that is how important you are.”  For four days he conveys it over and over again—in talks, and in answers to questions. The message is always shared with love, kindness, and compassion. He is living proof that his message is Truth. He IS Truth.

Some later share with others that they notice a glowing black outline around his body, that fades to fingers of shimmering gold tipped with shooting rays of purple. Like a separate, living, breathing shadow, it expands and contracts. Some feel explosive jolts in their body when he looks at them; others feel a tingling warmth or an energy coursing through them. Some feel nothing—no thing—as their minds empty and finally allow the space of all that IS to enter, to Be them. Eyes well up with tears. Many nod in recognition of the truth. His sense of humor slides in at unexpected moments and bursts of laughter fill the air.

It is clear when a session is wrapping up, and after sitting in utter stillness he carefully lifts the brass cymbals. Holding the leather thong in each hand, he touches them together to create a rich, pure sound that rings long after contact. In the silence that follows, presence is palpable in all. Two more rings bring the session to a close, and after returning the cymbals to the table, he brings his palms together before his heart in the gesture of Namaste.  Bowing his head, he recognizes the equality of all, and pays honor to the sacredness of all. All are moved to reciprocate.

Stepping down, he makes his way down the center aisle, looking directly at and acknowledging some of us with a nod or a smile. He fills each person with love and a sense of connectedness and belonging. We sit in stillness long after he leaves the room. Something magical has happened—and yet, it is only that we have recognized the Truth of who we are in this humble, extraordinarily ordinary man. Gratitude fills us and carries us Home.


Thank you for inviting me to your blog!

To read how you experienced Eckhart was very enriching, because there was certainly a different quality to it on the outer level over here in Germany, although on the inner level it was about the same.
Including the German language, the 5000 people and the German mind…lol…created a different cover of the same content and intent.
I hope I put it “right.”

Thank you, Gale!!!

With LK, Geli

Comment by Angelika

You are welcome, Geli. Yes, I can imagine that seeing Eckhart in a large space with that many people was vastly different than the intimate setting of the taping I went to!

Thank you for visiting!

Comment by equiwolf

Hi Gale , just checking out your place….was looking for the ‘Kindling’ title and came accross ‘ET in person’.
Your description is exceptional and brings back memories of my Vancouver trip. I’m glad it was on a smaller scale also, theres just something more intimate and special being so close.
Thanks Gale…. great site!

Comment by Benno

Yes, seeing Eckhart in person was awesome!

Comment by equiwolf

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