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November 28, 2009, 8:46 pm
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When you live in the Now… the mind serves something greater than itself.
Awareness takes over from thinking, and instead of being in charge of your life,
thinking becomes the servant of awareness….

Allow consciousness to come through everything you do.

When you become comfortable with uncertainty,
infinite possibilities open up in your life…
fear is no longer a dominant factor in what you do,
and no longer prevents you from taking action
to initiate change…

Be still… and do not be afraid of uncertainty.
Be alert…and be ready for the answers.



Hey Equiwolf,
It’s crazy Bill from ETTV. This is a very cool site you have put together here. I shall return. I’ve added it to my favorites. Nice to step away from the forum for a bit. Hope others find their way to the Artists thread and visit you here as well. See you in the mix.
Peace in your kingdom.

Comment by Bill Stough

Hi Bill, I’m happy to hear you enjoyed The Black Buddha’s reflections! I enjoyed Charlie & Rose singing on your myspace page. My wolfdog, Lucy, was extremely interested to know where those yoddels were coming from…

Comment by equiwolf

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