Moving into and out of the Now…
November 6, 2009, 9:45 am
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I recently participated in a horsemanship clinic. Some of the things we were required to do were beyond my abilities, and beyond the abilties of the horse I was riding–in the sense that I couldn’t properly use my body to cue and support him through all of the maneuvers. The clinician was quite firm with me, and I was quite firm with the horse. There were times when the firmness of the clinician’s words left a bad taste in my own mouth, and I have no doubt the firmness of my hands also left a bad taste in the horse’s mouth.

MagnumThere is neither right nor wrong, good nor bad about any of this… it is what it is. I am simply reflecting on how intriguing it was, in hindsight, to move into and out of the Now during that clinic. I felt brief moments of being totally in the present moment. Moments when I could hear the clinician’s words, hear my horse chewing the bit, feel the warmth of his body through the saddle and the cold air on my face, smell the sweet aroma of horse sweat as it permeated my nostrils and mingled with the earthy smell of the dust that rose in the shafts of light streaming through the cracks in the arena gate.

I was acutely aware of all these things, all at once, and during those moments I was at peace. But that peace would vanish as soon as my focus shifted to include thoughts about what I was doing and judgments about how I was doing them. I could feel a tension in my body that revealed how contracted I was during those moments when I was no longer ‘Here’ but was ‘somewhere else’. That somewhere else was always in my mind, which was filled with all kinds of thoughts and perceptions about what was going on.

It was an amazing experience on so many levels that it’s difficult to describe in words. Suffice it to say that being intently present is much more peaceful and fulfilling than being lost in thought.

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