An epiphany…
June 22, 2009, 11:40 am
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I had an epiphany this morning, while cooking breakfast and doing a few chores. I put some toast in the toaster and was whisking an egg to scramble and just watching the fork swirl the yolk and the white together — not thinking about anything, but aware of all my actions, the colors of the egg blending, the sound of the fork scraping the glass. Then, while the toast was finishing up, I put the fork down and walked down the hall to put some clothes in the dryer. I noticed my slippers schlepping across the wood floor — slap, slide, slap, slide — and then it hit me: being aware doesn’t have to be hard. There’s no effort involved! What’s hard is just remembering to be attentive.

This may seem like a little thing. Like it’s obvious, or no big deal. But to me, it was quite an epiphany. I’ve probably had the same epiphany in the past (in fact, I may have even written on this blog about it)… but I don’t remember. And so it was new to me, and I enjoyed it very much!

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