The Chatterbox arises, but peace prevails…
April 17, 2009, 4:18 pm
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When I woke up this morning, I walked to the bedroom window and opened the blinds, as I usually do. I looked out and saw that my horses weren’t in their big pasture. I went to the side window and looked in the paddock, but couldn’t see them there. The piles of hay I put out late last night, in the dark, were untouched. I thought, “Hmm…” perhaps they are on the west side. And at that moment I envisioned the west side and gasped with the heart-stopping realization that I had left the gate open yesterday. I ran to the closet to put on sweats and a jacket, pulled on a hat and my boots and ran out the door. After a quick inspection of the property my heart sank with the knowledge that my horses were no where to be seen.

It is amazing how quickly the chatterbox, er, mind can work, and how wild the thoughts can become. Anxiety welled in me as I prepared to drive around the neighborhood looking for my horses. My mind quickly painted grisly scenes of my horses injured by the side of the road, laying in a rich, lush pasture colicking from too much grass or wandering down one of the busier streets miles away. But before I had even made it out the driveway, I had a sort of epiphany and was able to push aside my fears with the awareness that everything was as it should be and that all would be well. No matter what happened.

As I turned onto the road and started scanning the land all around, a sense of calm started to come over me. Moments later as I approached a corner, I looked ahead and could just make out a black shape in some tall grass/weeds in the pasture to my right, near a small barn where a gal keeps her two older horses. I drove straight ahead and as I got closer I could see it was Etta, aka The Black Buddha. My other horse was dozing comfortably next to her, his legs tucked up under him and his eyes at half mast… he actually looked so relaxed that had he been a cow I would have expected to see him chewing his cud. I caught up both horses, let Lucy out of the van and we all walked home.

Then I biked down the road to pick up the van, and as I drove into the driveway and saw the horses in the pasture I breathed deeply. But peace had settled into my bones earlier. Indeed, all was well.

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