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April 13, 2009, 8:05 pm
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At peace with what is

At peace with what is

There are times when I find it very challenging to stay in the present moment. Times when I have a lot of trouble accepting what IS (to say nothing of enjoying or feeling enthusiastic about it). But I am starting to see how futile it is to fight or resist life. I’m not yet to the point where I can easily accept all that life has to throw at, er, offer me. I don’t seem to easily hang out and appreciate the warmth of the sun, as Etta so readily does.

I rarely feel confident that some kind of spontaneous ‘right action’ will spring forth when I accept what IS, when action is most necessary; I don’t trust that I can and will make the right decision as to how to act or what to do. But I’m hopeful that I’ll come to that place eventually, where I will trust that my actions will be right (appropriate and the best choice I could make at the time) and that they will come from that place of power. The power of now.

Hanging on for the ride

Hanging on for the ride

In the meantime I’ll keep hanging on for more wild rides, as my thoughts race here and there, turning first one way and then another, taking me where they will. I’ll probably continue to partake in pointless activities, make some bad decisions, pass judgment… be my normal unconscious self, wrapped up in my [very important] thoughts, my history, my goals and plans for the future, absorbed by the content of my life … losing sight of it as it IS. Now. Being oh so human.

As my friend Lori recently quipped, “Welcome to my world!”

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