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March 31, 2009, 6:01 pm
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Have you ever seen a homeless person standing on a street corner and listened to him or her verbally castigate unseen foes? Have you ever been cornered by someone at a party who would just not stop talking to you, despite all the subtle and not-so-subtle cues you put out that you’d heard enough, thank you very much? Have you ever found yourself humming an inane tune you’d listened to hours before? Have you wasted minutes, hours, days, weeks and even years thinking the same thoughts?

Welcome to what I call The Chatterbox Club. It’s a club with billions of members, but most people don’t even know they are a part of it. I have been an upstanding member since my mind started forming thoughts and creating visual images in my head. My membership was elevated to a higher status when thoughts became words and those words poured forth in a constant stream of, well, chatter. For more than half a century I have been at the mercy of my mind’s continuous creation, digestion and excretion of some very important thoughts. At least my mind has assigned them as very important, whether anyone else would agree or not.

So, I’m announcing here that I’ve submitted my resignation, because I no longer want to be a member of The Chatterbox Club. However, I suspect it might be a slow process to disentangle myself. And I expect to receive plenty of flak from my mind. No doubt I will be inspired to share some of that with you all from time to time. Like how I can’t seem to stop thinking about something—anything—almost all of my waking hours. I find myself yelling to myself, “Shut up already!” Of course that yelling is all in my mind. My mind yelling at my mind. Sigh… sound familiar?

True silence is bliss. Try it some time.


Though I picked this post to respond to, I read and very much enjoyed all on this page. I found your site as someone had clicked on the link “Pagence Press” and was redirected to the new site In checking the referring URL I found you here. Would you mind changing the link to reflect the new site ( Or, because I have broken up the poetry into two sites, the second of which is focused on Zen, Tao, etc. Short Zen Poems, you may want to point it there instead… and thank you.

I want to address the chatterbox. I have similar experiences and similar longings (wow, imagine that). I described this state to someone the other day, and they were bewildered, believing that somehow we lose consciousness or awareness altogether when the mind is absolutely still. I can totally see how this would be presumed, that we would stagger down the road like a undirected torso without the mind.

if you straighten the heart
the mind disappears

By the way, congrats on the fact that you realize that you are not your mind. I too love the blissful no-mind state (or empty mind), and long for its elongation. It is refreshing to read your musings about it. Thank you.

It reminds me of an article I wrote recently entitled “The Beauty of No-Mind”. I have just started a new blog that focuses on bridging the gap between natural healing and meditation, at How Nature Heals. The article I speak of can be found there.

Incidentally, I have found a great deal of solace in the writings of Ramana Maharshi when it comes to this process of letting go of thoughts. I have a book called “Be As You Are” where he goes into the details of a process for dropping the mind in the chapter on Self-Inquiry. I have a digital copy in .pdf if you are interested.

Be well!

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It’s Benjamin. I noticed “Pagence Press” on your blogroll under Websites. My site URL has changed. Although Pagence Press redirects to one or more of my poetry sites, I believe this code will work best. Short Zen Poems – Koans Quotes Parables. Thank you.

Comment by Benjamin

Thanks, Benjamin, I’ll fix that.

I love your poetry and koans.

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